At the heart of Climb Nashville is our setting team… a creative, dedicated, and hardworking crew who provides our gyms with some of the best setting in the region! Lead by our Director of Route Setting, Jonathan Brandt, our team works tirelessly 5 days/week stripping, cleaning, resetting, and forerunning every single climb to provide fun, rewarding challenges for our members and guests! Each of our setters has their own unique style that is evident in each of the moves they set.

At Climb Nashville, we are proud to have a team of setters that truly love what they do, and they see every day of setting as an opportunity to get creative, have some fun, and create routes that push our climbers to be the best they can be. Read on to learn a little bit about who our setters are, what makes them tick!


Thomas grew up in Los Angeles, where he started climbing on a climbing team at the tender age of 15. Since then, Thomas has earned a degree in creative writing and literature at Prescott College in Northern Arizona, where he lived for 10 years. While in the Grand Canyon state, Thomas spent pretty much all of his time off from his head route setter job at Beta Bouldering Gym methodically combing the high-desert canyons and forests for unclimbed limestone roofs and boulders. He brings with him a great knowledge of bouldering, particularly in regards to roof climbing. Thomas is psyched to learn the southern style and loves to bring movement from the boulders to the gym.


Lindsey Isaacson hails from the great plains of South Dakota where the nearest outdoor climbing is the harrowing granite spires of the Black Hills and the inspiring dihedrals of Devils Tower. She spent most of her twenties roaming the desert and romping up the big routes of the West in search of long approaches and epic views. Lindsey moved to Nashville to dive head first into the Americana music scene and gets her climbing fix finding fat cracks to wiggle up. She has been embracing the steep southern sandstone sport climbing of the region, but still insists on wearing socks with her climbing shoes because comfort is her number one priority.  When she is not hunting off-widths, getting scared on sport routes, or setting at Climb Nashville, she is working on music for her band, Pleasure Way.


Matt Steele is a one of those rare Nashville natives, born and raised right here. He’s always had a passion for adventure, though it sometime got him in trouble. When he was 27, he was out walking the town when he walked right by our old Redmond location, and thought “why not give this a try?” Now, five years later, Matt has become a skilled boulderer who loves outdoor competitions, traveling to climb, and is roping up more and more. Setting for the last few months has given Matt a better understanding of climbing movement, route reading, and Dimple Dots.


Eric Bowers hails from the flatlands of Amarillo, Texas. He moved to Nashville for coffee, and to work in the service industry.  Eric has been roasting coffee and bartending in Nashville collectively for almost 5 years. Routesetting drew Eric in because of its innovative nature, so like his other passions he is able to be a creative setter, but also show off his power. Eric has been climbing for nearly 2 years. You’ll catch him crying at LRC, or falling in the gym.


Parker Pace moved from the barren city of Amarillo, TX to Nashville 6 years ago. It was at that time that he found a passion for rock climbing while attending Belmont University. Since then, his stoke for the sport spurred him on to pursue route setting at Climb Nashville. He has subsequently fallen in love with the art of movement on rock, and may be found gazing up longingly at the walls, conjuring up the next sick move and seeming unaware of the rest of the world around him. Still say hi though, he loves to talk to positive people about this passion we share!


Jason Williams was born and raised in Bowling Green, KY. He made his way to Nashville after venturing west to pursue music, climbing, and surfing in Southern California. Climbing has been a driving force in his life for the last 17 years. Having also lived in Lexington, KY and Denver, CO, Jason has been fortunate enough to call several world class climbing areas home, from the Red River Gorge, to the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, to the high desert crags of the Eastern Sierra. His climbing style ranges from wrestling pebbles to long alpine routes and everything in between. Route setting has become a second passion and creative outlet alongside music. When he isn’t setting routes or climbing, he’s most likely writing or playing music with his partner, Lindsey, for their band Pleasure Way.