We fundamentally believe in pursuing fitness with purpose in a strong, tight-knit community. At Climb Nashville our full service gym has the facilities, equipment, and people that can help you set goals, measure your progress, and attain a level of fitness that empowers you to pursue your next adventure, whether you’re climbing your next big objective or just keeping up with the kids at home.


Katie’s goal as your trainer is to make sure you understand basic movement patterns- squat, hinge, push, pull, etc. Good form is the foundation to a solid, injury free workout routine. Katie’s ultimate intention is to make you self sufficient by giving you the confidence you need to step into any gym and the knowledge to create a solid workout plan. Check out her Instagram for more insight on how she trains @empowered_movement.

Katie specializes in strength training and has a specific passion for kettlebell + bodyweight training. If you are new to fitness or coming back from injury, Katie will set you up with a solid base. If you are feeling stuck in your current workout routine, Katie will help you come up with a new training plan.

Katie is a Strong First Level One Kettlebell Instructor (SFG1) and a NASM CPT.

Katie’s favorite thing about coaching is seeing a client’s movement confidence improve when they reach a goal. Whether that goal is getting your first pull-up, increasing weight on your deadlift, or simply getting up from the ground without using your hands—helping clients move better and seeing them apply what they learn in sessions to their everyday lives is incredible!


Peter Ericksen is a former Open level Beach Volleyball competitor who fell in love with fitness in high school while playing football and indoor volleyball. “When I started playing Beach Volleyball I had to change my style of training to fit my new found passion, it broadened my scope of the Fitness realm and opened me up to new techniques and ideas.” His specializations of Olympic lifting along with his personal experience, combine to produce a training style of athletic foundation with compound functional movements. Checkout his instagram for more insight on how he trains @peterericksendmusicfit
His personal training and classes always put safety first with an emphasis on correct form and body awareness while working out. “I want to workout comfortably for a long time and that’s how I like to teach and train as well.” “Also having an ongoing educational mindset helps me to stay in touch with new techniques for overall health and fitness as well as an open mind to develop the best fitness plan for each individual here at Climb.


Born Texan, raised Czech, and a Nashville native since 2002, Barb knows how to serve Southern hospitality with Bohemian flair. Growing up spending Sundays in “Dirt Church” with her family on trips canoeing, hiking, biking, climbing, and camping, Barb then branched out into dance, horseback riding, and gymnastics. It wasn’t until high school that she stepped into a gym thanks to a crush — hey, we’ve all been there — and hasn’t looked back since. Ever since, she's explored new kinds of movement from acroyoga to pole dancing to ultrarunning (completing the Bell Ringer 25k in 2017 in the top 10 women; the Stump Jump 50k in under 9 hours in 2018). Check out Barb's life in and out of the gym at @intuitively.barb on Instagram.
Barb is an ACE-certified Behavior Change Specialist and a Certified Intuitive Eating Coach.
Graduating from Vanderbilt in Medicine, Health, and Society in May 2017, rigorous courses gave her the groundwork to keep curious about how, where, and why we move; giving her time to organizations like CHAARG and Girls on the Run further fueled her desire to empower women to play and to fall in love with fitness. Barb focuses on moving well and moving often in order to restore balance to the whole person. With over 3 years of experience as an ACE-certified instructor, she embraces inclusivity, intentionality, play, and challenge.