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3600 Charlotte Ave
Nashville, TN, 37209
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Climb Nashville is the south’s destination for indoor climbing. Friendly and experienced staff can teach you how to climb safely and help you share an adventure with your family and friends that they’ll never forget.

New Year Fitness Challenge


Get strong and lean in 2019 with our 8 Week Functional Strength + Nutrition Challenge! 

Our 8 Week Challenge includes everything you need to get strong and lean in 2019. Train with us at the gym or online. 

Strength Program 

Two strength based workouts each week. Each workout includes a warm up, core activation, lifts, and a cool down. You’ll be using a kettlebell and barbell to get strong. Follow the program online, or train with us at the gym Tuesdays 6pm West + Thursdays 6pm East. 

Nutritional Support 

To start, you’ll receive a copy of our clean eating guide. Each week of the challenge we’ll deliver healthy eating tips covering a range of topics from cooking techniques to protein’s role in strength training along with healthy recipes. 

Coaching Schedule 

January 5th - Initial assessment - Establish Form 

February 2nd- Progress Check In- Mobilization + Nutrition 

March 2nd- Final Check In- Test Strength Gains on Lifts 


Kenton Boutwell

Kenton's mission is to arm you with strategic fitness tactics that maximize performance, deliver results and enable self sufficiency in all situations. He's dedicated to giving you the tools and knowledge to succeed whenever, wherever, so that you can reach your optimal human potential. 

Katie Dawkins

Katie is here to teach you how to move well, and help you create a sustainable movement practice.  Through this program she’ll help you master basic movement patterns and get you strong. 

Alyssa Kalams

Alyssa is a certified exercise nutritionist, recipe developer, and healthy living advocate. Passionate about health and wellness from a young age—she studied sustainable nutrition and exercise physiology at Tulane University, and then continued her education by getting her nutrition certification with Precision Nutrition. Through this program she hopes to arm you with nutrition fundamentals, delicious and easy-to-make recipes, and a variety of health and wellness tips to help you feel your best.

Starting at $99. Open to all- members and non-members.

Train with us in person or remotely.