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1When will the facility be open to the public?
Kraft will open late 2020 / early 2021.
2Where is the facility?
Kraft is located in South Nashville on 2916 Kraft Drive.
3Will Kraft Boulders be included with my existing membership?
Yes, it will be included if you are an existing Nashville member or a Murfreesboro multi-gym member. If you have a Murfreesboro-only gym membership it will not.
4Will my kids (under 13) be able to climb at the new facility?
Yes, we are curating an accessible bouldering experience for all ages and abilities. More details about specifics to come.
5What types of climbing will the new facility have?
Kraft will be a bouldering-only facility.
6Will there be fitness and yoga?
There will be a boutique yoga-only studio, general fitness equipment and climbing-specific fitness equipment and classes.
7Will there be a youth team?
8How big is the facility?
Kraft Boulders is 19k square feet. It will be the largest bouldering gym in Tennessee.
9Are there plans of closing Climb Nashville East, or any of the other locations?
10Will current membership prices increase?
Existing membership prices will not increase at this time. We are considering a nominal inflation increase, but not in 2020.