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3600 Charlotte Ave
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Climb Nashville is the south’s destination for indoor climbing. Friendly and experienced staff can teach you how to climb safely and help you share an adventure with your family and friends that they’ll never forget.

The Classes

Our instructors strive to bring you the best that the two worlds that fitness and yoga have to offer. We offer a variety of fitness and yoga classes on a weekly basis. Read on for class descriptions and click through to our calendar pages for more information Hope to see you in a class soon!



Connect mind & body with a powerful combination of meditation, weights, and calisthenics to prepare for life on and off the wall. Come try this unique class where mindfulness meets strength and conditioning.


A mixture of bodyweight, kettlebell, and barbell training. This is a two part class.

Part 1. Tactical Strength  Part 2. Tactical Endurance.


Come prepared for a full-body workout. This class offers metabolic conditioning with long rounds that challenge the core, power, and strength.


Develop an overall physical durability to tackle all that life throws at you during the week. Improve your climbing by developing strength and endurance in non-climbing-specific movement. Pickup the heavy things and throw them down.


Warning: This class will include lots of exercises that activate a group of muscles in your midsection that are generally referred to as the core.


Join us for a 90 minute, climbing focused class led by one of our Climb Instructors. We'll focus on a different climbing skill in each class. Put your new skill to the test with climbing drills, exercises, and objectives!

S.M.A.C. 2.0

Strength, Maintenance, Antagonist, Conditioning. This workout, developed by climbers, will get you strong without burning you out for a climbing session. 


High Intensity Interval Training.  This isn’t your grandmothers cardio class.  Alternate between low, moderate and high intensity intervals to increase aerobic and anaerobic endurance while burning more fat. Get ready to sweat!


A High Intensity Interval Training & Strength Training combo 55 min class. Your one stop class to get sweaty and strong! Alternate between cardio-based moderate to high intensity intervals and bodyweight and kettlebell strength exercises. 

HIIT 30 | CORE 30

This class is as straight to the point as the name.  30 minutes of HIIT followed by 30 minutes of CORE.  Drop in for either or both.


Join our go-to exercise physiologist, Nick, and increase your mobility.  Mobility will optimize performance, amplify body awareness and improve position using all sorts of torture devices!  Mobilizations focus on neuromuscular release of short and tight muscles, joint capsule restriction, and soft tissue restriction.


Be adventure ready! This high intensity cardio class consists of 4-12 minute rounds designed to match the varied demands on the alpine climber. Expect hill running, pack climbing, core exercises, antagonist attention and the occasional alpine surprise.


Kettlebell training dates back to the 1700s. This tool will challenge your grip, forearm, and core strength while boosting your power endurance. Learn to use the kettlebell and get in a great workout any time with just one piece of equipment.


Straight up use your bodyweight to build muscle. This class focuses on direct improvement of bodyweight movements (think pull-ups, push ups, etc).  Learn progressions of movements to take your training to the next level.



In this class we embark on a journey of continual, challenging, and creative motion that promotes strength and flexibility all while quieting the mind. Each dynamic pose is linked with the breath to invoke sweat, spirit and a new found appreciation for our own power. All levels welcome, but come ready to work. There is definitely something for everyone!


Join us on the mat for a well-balanced and invigorating flow as we unite the breath with mindful body movement. Each class will build heat, endurance, flexibility and strength. These classes are appropriate for first-time yoga students, as well as those looking to deepen their yoga practice.


Slow, mindful movements improves  our muscles ability to lengthen and build strength by allotting  enough time to relax into each pose. Using meticulously-sequenced poses and breathing techniques we move deeper into areas where we all hold tension - the hips, shoulders, low back. By allowing more time in each posture, this class will leave you feeling open, stretched, grounded and rejuvenated.


Yoga Fundamentals is like taking a mini workshop! Each class is designed around one yoga pose and focuses on the fundamentals of that pose in the body. Spend the first half of the class warming up and preparing the body for the pose and the second half getting into the pose, adjusting, modifying and finding correct alignment. All levels welcome.


The best of both worlds! The first half of class will be spent building heat, linking mindful breathing with each powerful position and encouraging a deeper release into each pose. Afterwards, we flow seamlessly into a well deserved restorative yoga session designed to leave you refreshed and blissfully balanced at its completion.


Come and join us for a practice of intentional reflection, systematic relaxation and mindful breathing; followed by silent seated meditation. Spending time developing the inner practices of Yoga is the next step after Asana (physical postures) and can be a powerful tool along your Yoga journey. These 30 minutes of intentional breath awareness and deep relaxation assist the student in all aspects of life; from stressful climbing situations to "real life" obstacles.