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3600 Charlotte Ave
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Climb Nashville is the south’s destination for indoor climbing. Friendly and experienced staff can teach you how to climb safely and help you share an adventure with your family and friends that they’ll never forget.

The Classes

Our instructors strive to bring you the best that the two worlds that fitness and yoga have to offer. We offer a variety of fitness and yoga classes on a weekly basis. Read on for class descriptions and click through to our calendar pages for more information Hope to see you in a class soon!



Coaches - Katie and Staci

Train to work hard for a sustained length of time. Running, jumping, crawling and rowing are just the beginning. Some workouts will involve longer tasks; some will feature intervals designed to burn fat and help you learn to keep going when the going gets tough. Enhance your cardio endurance, develop your mental capacity to push through a difficult task, work up a good sweat, and burn lots of calories


Coaches - Troy, Courtney, Andrew, and Katie

Focus on four primary movements - squat, deadlift, overhead press and chest press - using barbells, sandbags and kettle bells. Improve your climbing by developing strength endurance in non-climbing-specific movement. Utilize the right nutrition and complementary workouts to add muscle mass and learn proper technique in four basic lifts. Focused flexibility work will end each class.

Alpine fit

Coaches - Andrew and Andy

This high intensity cardio class consists of 4-12 minute rounds designed to match the varied demands on the alpine climber - who must be able to climb all day and provide short bouts of power when needed. Expect hill running, pack climbing, core exercises, antagonist attention and the occasional alpine surprise.


Coaches - Katie and Courtney

Climb stronger in no time or just get wicked upper-body strength. All things pulling - pull-ups, lock-offs, bar hangs and core - both on the bar and on the ground. Expect lots of kettle bell work! Strengthen your shoulders and back, train your grip, and develop your abs.


Coaches - Courtney and Troy

What happens when you do a lot of work under a moderate load? You get strong…seriously strong. Use rucks, ropes, sandbags, medicine balls, slam balls, kettle bells and more to train your core to bear uneven loads and your grip to work harder. Work smarter to endure discomfort and reach a new level of fitness, develop lean and mean musculature, and enhance your teamwork skills.


Led by Dr. Nick Bacon

Nick, an exercise physiologist, utilizes (MWOD), created by Dr. Kelly Starrett (physical therapist), and demonstrates how to increase mobility, improve position, and amplify body awareness to optimize performance.  Mobilizations focus on neuromuscular release of short and tight muscles, joint capsule restriction, and soft tissue restriction.


So that you can know what to expect from one of our yoga classes, please refer to the following chart. The scale ranges from 1-10 where 1 is no effort and 10 is maximal effort. If you're new to yoga, our Fundamentals class is a great place to start. For all other classes, progressions/regressions are offered. We always welcome you to ask your instructors for modifications to suit your needs.

ali's vinyasa flow

Ali's class is a fun, medium-paced flow class with emphasis on alignment. You can expect a full package of centering, strengthening, deep stretching and breath-work. Ali's class is appropriate for all levels and she will happily gear each class toward requests that students put forward.


Power Flow is equal parts of building strength and improving flexibility. We like to play and explore new places to find your edge. This class is perfect for seasoned yoga practitioners and adventurous beginners alike.

The structure of each class typically starts with a sun salutation as a warmup. Then we flow into sequences that build up to a peak pose. We will set the foundation for the movement and muscle activation required for the peak pose. Peak poses range from deep twists and hip openers to inversions and arm balances.

Typical poses you will find in Power Flow are Navasana/Boat Pose, Virabhadrasana 1/Warrior 1, Skandasana/Side Lunge Pose, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana/Pigeon Pose, and Chaturanga Dandasana/Four Limb Staff Pose.


Yoga Fundamentals is like taking a mini workshop! Each class is designed around one yoga pose and focuses on the fundamentals of that pose in the body. We will spend the first half of the class warming up and preparing the body for the pose and the second half getting into the pose, adjusting, modifying and finding correct alignment with time for discussion and questions afterwards. This class is great for all levels of students - those who are just finding yoga and those who want to dive deeper into their practice.


This class is appropriate for all levels and is beginner friendly. This class is designed for everyone! Class is a mix of poses and breathing techniques used in Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and traditional Hatha Yoga.

 This class will:

* Relax and recharge you

* Oxygenate your body and speed recovery

* Deeply stretch muscles, open fascia, and improve range of motion

We use a variety of props, including blocks, bolsters, blankets, straps and lacrosse balls. Poses are held for 5-10 minutes and there are only 5-6 poses per class. We are low to the ground the entire class. Requests to target certain areas of the body are most welcome.

colleen's Power flow

I believe that strength is an important part of a yoga practice along with breath and body awareness. In my classes I try to encourage these three things while including laughter, sweat and basic alignment principles. Expect to build strength with standing postures, concentration with breath filled movement and body awareness by learning to experience each pose .  You will literally sweat and stretch while you strengthen every part of your body!


This class is a vinyasa flow (connecting breath to movement) and builds heat, strength, and flexibility. We will work at a moderate pace moving continuously with the breath. Challenging poses will be introduced with rest periods and modifications as needed. All levels are welcome!


My class focuses on alignment, encouraging body awareness with deep stretches and strength built in to the process. I ask students to come with an open mind, approaching their practice with curiosity and an eagerness to experience something new. Sequences may be challenging but modifications are always available. You will not look like the person next to you! It's an opportunity to get to know your body. Come to simplify. Just an hour with you, your mat, your body, and your breath.



Power Flow is open to those brand new to yoga, as well as experienced practitioners seeking a new appreciation for their bodies. In this class, we begin with slow and deliberate pranayama (breath work) and vinyasa sequences to open each practice. Once sufficiently warmed up, we will transition into more dynamic poses for longer periods to build internal heat, stability and muscular power. Longer holds call for us to stay present in every breath while simultaneously integrating our new strength. So, come and join me as we discover a deeper appreciation for our body's own power together. 

Class will focus on:

- Connecting breath with movement
- Conscious alignment with modifications and variations

- Introduction to the body's functional anatomy
- Poses that fortify and invigorate the body

- Slow and mindful opportunities to challenge yourself

Heather's Yoga for climbers

Build strength in your core, shoulders, wrists and fingers during this dynamic class. Each class we move through a series of standing postures sequenced to give you a challenging workout that tones and stretches your muscles. We will incorporate arm balances into most classes, providing modifications and variations so that all yogis of all levels can get the most out of their practice.


A power vinyasa flow class where poses are linked with the breath in a continuous, challenging, and creative motion that combines strength and flexibility while clearing the mind. It's a dynamic mix of sweat and spirit. All levels welcome, there is something for everyone!

Katie's Deep & Stretchy

Deep & Stretchy is for both the experienced and new yoga student alike. Lengthen and strengthen muscles by using meticulously-sequenced poses and breathing to get deeper into areas where we all hold tension - the hips, shoulders, low back. Incorporating longer holds and standing postures, this class will leave you feeling open, stretched, grounded, fully-rejuvenated.

* This class is appropriate for all levels and is beginner friendly.

* Class will include poses to:

- Relax and recharge you

- Oxygenate your body and speed recovery

 - Deeply stretch muscles and improve range of motion

Come see how Deep & Stretchy can contribute to excellent posture as well as better performance throughout your day.


Each class, though different, will encourage the link between breath and mindful body movement. Classes will build heat, endurance, flexibility and strength. These classes are appropriate for first-time yoga students, as well as those looking to advance in their yoga practice.


A flowing sequence of diverse movements linked with breath. This class is designed to have a balancing and energetic effect on your morning.

Katie's Vinyasa flow

My vinyasa yoga class is based on playful movement with breath. Combining fundamental postures, stretching and arm balances to gain strength and mindfulness. You will walk out having learned about yoga and your body after having a little fun.