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Climb Nashville is the south’s destination for indoor climbing. Friendly and experienced staff can teach you how to climb safely and help you share an adventure with your family and friends that they’ll never forget.

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The Climb Nashville blog is a recourse for the local climbing community of Nashville.  


Eric Steltenpohl

To help you better understand what our New Year Fitness Challenge is all about, we sat down with our Fitness Director, Renee, and asked her a few questions about the upcoming challenge. 

Can you describe the fitness challenge in 30 seconds?
Our New Year's Fitness Challenge is designed to bring members of our community together for fun accountability as they strive to reach their goals. It centers around our classes which is an excellent opportunity for both meeting new people and some friendly competition.  

How has the challenge changed since last year?
This year, we will not be divided into teams led by our trainers. This will streamline communication and the tracking of points. We have also adjusted the point system as last year's inadvertently favored runners. We want people from all disciplines to feel encouraged to pursue their favorite fitness routines! 

What is the East/West competition about?
Competition is fun and we have an amazing mentality among our members about this. Meaning, we have a great environment in which we can all push ourselves and those around us to test our limits without ever becoming personal. 

Is the fitness challenge a good place to start for beginners?
I think it's a wonderful place for beginners. Again, the credit goes to our regulars for welcoming newcomers and maintaining a non-judgemental space for them to find their momentum in the oft-intimidating world of group fitness. Similarly, all of our updated fitness classes have clearly defined "levels" which each individual can choose for themselves in every class. This isn't always a matter of fitness. Sometimes, we come to the gym not having slept well or with a lot on our minds and a less intense, but still effective, workout can work wonders for energy levels and mood. 

What's the reason behind the point system?
The point system is a simple but effective means of tracking one's progress in making time for health and fitness. Besides, the mentality of earning points is something we learn at an early age. It's a reward system that appeals to people of all ages and stages!

How do I track my points?
Registrants will receive a link to a private spreadsheet document where points can be entered at their convenience. Only Climb Nashville fitness staff will have access to these documents. Points for each week are due by the rolling Monday at noon to be eligible for our weekly drawing for awesome prizes!

What's the difference between get lean and get strong?
Get Lean sets people on a track to reduce body fat and Get Strong emphasizes either adding muscle mass or increasing strength/strength endurance gains. We offer assessments for each one. While you may participate in the Challenge just for the camaraderie and not complete any assessments, they are required to be eligible for our top prizes at the end of the 12-week Challenge. 

Are there classes I have to attend?
Our competition is designed around our fitness and yoga classes therefore class participation is strongly encouraged and point values are weighted toward attendance. There will be many bonus point opportunities for classes so working some into your schedule will definitely benefit point-earning. However, we recognize that finding time for fitness does not necessarily revolve around our class schedule so the point structure does allow for logging of running/hiking mileage and individual workouts. 

Do I get a personal trainer?
While the Challenge does not include the services of a personal trainer, anyone (member or non-member) is entitled to a 30-minute consultation with our Fitness Director to discuss how one of our training professionals can help them reach their goals faster.  

How much does it cost?
The Challenge is $20 for members and $30 for non-members.  

Is it only for members? 
Not at all. As previously stated, our point system is built around class attendance but is not required. The Challenge and the new year represent prime opportunities for non-members to come in and see what our program is all about. We have low day pass rates with no commitment. For those who want to come in more often, our membership prices are such that just four visits per month make membership the better value. Even our memberships are month-to-month so you're not locking yourself into a contract of any sort. Of course, we always hope that you'll want to stay around and get fit with us for a long time! 

What are the benefits of committing to the challenge?
Harkening back to the first question, I'll say that the greatest benefits are our strong fitness and yoga program which employs some of the most talented and encouraging professionals in town as well as our amazing community which is truly second to none. We always have room for more and can't wait to meet great new people in 2017!