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Climb Nashville is the south’s destination for indoor climbing. Friendly and experienced staff can teach you how to climb safely and help you share an adventure with your family and friends that they’ll never forget.

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The Climb Nashville blog is a recourse for the local climbing community of Nashville.  

Climb Gear: Black Diamond Chaos

Eric Steltenpohl

Introducing the Black Diamond Chaos, this is the company’s top-tier ‘jack-of-all-trades’ harness. Comfy and lightweight due to the Kinetic Core Construction, this harness is built for trad + sport climbing. Not as versatile as some other harnesses we carry, the Chaos does not have adjustable leg loops or ice clipper slots. But this harness wasn’t designed for climbing icy waterfalls, so fear not this harness will be the perfect companion on your next send.  

The Fit:
Standing on solid ground or hanging 60+ feet up in the air, this harness is comfy. Built with Black Diamond’s patented Kinetic Core Construction, “which uses a thin layer of Vectran fibers in place of traditional webbing to evenly distribute weight across the waist and legs.” In simpler terms this harness was created to be lightweight and easy on your body. 

Not only is this harness comfortable but it's breathable as well. Don’t expect to get too sweaty in this bad boy thanks to the padded 3D mesh interior. Although comfy, this harness is not the most adjustable harness in our shop but honestly that just means you are going to need a perfect fit and we would be happy to help you get that fit. 

The Performance:
This harness is at the top of its game for most all of your rock climbing adventures. This harness won’t hold you back on the wall and will carry you through any situation you may face. The only thing we cannot recommend this harness for is tackling some ice. If you’re looking for a great alpine harness check out the Petzl Aquila in our shop.

Pro Tip:
“The reason I love this harness is that I can do almost anything in it. Multi-pitch with some hanging belay, steep sport, even bouldering… just kidding about bouldering in your harness. But seriously I like having one harness with multiple uses. When I find one that fits the way I like it, I want to use it all the time. The Black Diamond Chaos fits the way I like it.” – Lance Brock

Come try out the Black Diamond Chaos at East or West and we will help you get the perfect fit.