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Climb Nashville is the south’s destination for indoor climbing. Friendly and experienced staff can teach you how to climb safely and help you share an adventure with your family and friends that they’ll never forget.

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The Climb Nashville blog is a recourse for the local climbing community of Nashville.  

Belay Devices

Climb Nashville

Belaying and rappelling is an action you will go through countless times throughout your climbing days. As with any heavily used tool, picking the right one increases safety and confidence. When buying a belay device, you'll want to take in consideration the weight, function and price, as well as whether you intend to go multi-pitch climbing or climb in the single-pitch environment.

There are three main types of belay devices:

  • Tube Style
  • Assisted-locking
  • Auto-blocking (also called guide's style)


This belay set-up is a great introduction to belaying and rappelling. It has all the necessary features to have a safe and proper belay and rappel set-up. A great feature about this package is the price-value, you can get a belay device and a locking carabiner for $26.95. This is the cheapest belay device that we offer. It has all the necessary features needed for indoor top roping, lead climbing and outdoor top roping, lead climbing and rappelling. - Weight : 145 g (5.1 oz)



A versatile belay/rappel device is the Black Diamond ATC-Guide Black Diamond also enlarged the auto-block release hole to accept a small carabiner. Multiple friction modes provide the optimal amount of stopping power when lowering or rappelling, and the device's guide mode lets you belay one or two seconding climbers off an anchor. - Handles ropes from 7.7 mm to 11 mm - Weight: 88 g (3.1 oz)


PETZL - REVERSO 4 - $29.95

The Petzl Reverso 4 is a great all around belay/rappel device. The device is effective braking on half and twin ropes (7.5 mm or greater diameter) it can also be used for braking on single ropes (8.9 mm or greater diameter) The Reverso can be used to belay the leader, one or two seconds and also for rappelling. The swapping in between leads (team of 2), offers a quick transition from Reverso mode to belaying the leader. 



The Smart Alpine belay/rappel device is one of the lightest and cheapest ($49.95) assisted locking belay device out there. This device has a non-mechanical design that pinches the rope during a fall to make catching and holding falls easy. An extended lever lets you easily release the pinching of the rope when you need to lower a climber. The Smart Alpine device can also be used in guide-mode to allow the lead climber to belay 1 or 2 seconding climbers directly from the anchor. Ropes feed through the belay device quickly and easily while belaying a leader. Range of ropes: from 8.9mm - 10.5mm in diameter. Weight: 125 g


PETZL – GRIGRI 2 - $99.95

The Petzl GRIGRI 2 is another assisted braking belay device (during fall arrest, the belayer holds the brake side of the rope, the cam pivots and pinches the rope, increasing the braking action until the rope stops sliding). The GRIGRI 2's design allows for excellent descent control - one hand holds the rope and the other uses the handle to unlock the cam. The handle design allows a very gradual release of the rope. Combined with the strong braking action of the cam, it gives a great feeling of security when lowering a partner or rappelling. Range of ropes: 8.9 to 11 mm single ropes (optimized for 9.4 mm to 10.3 mm ropes) Weight: 170 g.