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Climb Nashville is the south’s destination for indoor climbing. Friendly and experienced staff can teach you how to climb safely and help you share an adventure with your family and friends that they’ll never forget.

Class Spotlight: East vs. West

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Class Spotlight: East vs. West

Climb Nashville

by Renee Aly, Climb Nashville Fitness Manager


You've seen it on our calendar. And probably a poster in one of the gyms. You may have even heard about this class from someone who's taken it. But one of the questions I get asked most frequently is:

What is that class anyway?

The East vs West class idea sprang from my sleepy midday trainer brain on the drive home from the old Redmon Avenue gym last spring. Drew Sloss had asked me to think about putting a Saturday fitness class on the new class schedule and none of our other offerings felt right. My thinking was that if I expected folks to show up on the weekend, I wanted it to be for something special, something different from what we instructors dished out during the week and something that included a healthy dose of FUN!

From those criteria, I envisioned a class that was a bit longer in duration, asked for increased level of mental and physical toughness and best of all, would build a strong sense of community between our two locations. 

The breakdown of an East vs West class looks like is this:

  • The class begins with mobilization work to specifically prepare the classes for the work ahead
  • Next is an active warm up or strength component
  • The bulk of the class time is used for the Competition WOD (workout of the day)
  • If there's time and anyone still has gas in the proverbial tank, a buyout can suddenly appear on the whiteboard

As far as tasks go, anything goes. You will be running, rowing, lifting, throwing, slamming and jumping your way through the 75-minute class time in an endless number of combinations. Dress for the weather because we like to play outside and we're very likely to throw that West-side bay door open or venture out into the courtyard at East!

So, who is this class for? 

We maintain a genuine attitude of welcoming anyone to any of our classes. We do understand, though, that every class is not for every body. So, I'll offer some thoughts on this:

  • In East vs West, a competitive environment is well-established and frequently reinforced but it's a TEAM competition. East wins or West wins. 
  • The workouts frequently include skills that take time to develop, e.g. Olympic lifting and advanced bodyweight moves. Proper movement patterns are reviewed before each task but this class is not about teaching those patterns. If you have some experience with such things, this could be a good option for increasing your mastery as we encourage scaling to help you reach those goals safely. If these are new to you, please seek out one of our Olympic WOD classes to build a foundation of skills and then come show 'em off on Saturdays!
  • Our instructors are always glad to offer alternatives for any task you don't have experience with or are not comfortable with. Just give us a shout and we'll set you up for a great sweat!

Something to look forward to!

Once a quarter, we all meet at the same gym for a head-to-head battle of strength and wits. This 90-minute class will push you even harder than the weekly classes. 

Whether or not, East vs West is for you, the shroud of mystery has fallen. East vs West is big, bad and beckons you to BRING IT!!