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3600 Charlotte Ave
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Climb Nashville is the south’s destination for indoor climbing. Friendly and experienced staff can teach you how to climb safely and help you share an adventure with your family and friends that they’ll never forget.


Blog Backend

The Climb Nashville blog is a recourse for the local climbing community of Nashville.  

Class Spotlight - KettleBell Strength

Alex Hall

Have you been wanting to learn how to train with Kettlebells, but you are not sure where to start? Katies Kettlebell Strength Class will teach you the proper form and show you a variety of workouts that you can perform with Kettlebells to get a killer work out!

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Meet the Setters of HTC!

Alex Hall

HTC is getting bigger and badder every year and this year we brought in some of the most talented setters around to help set the best boulder problems that this comp has ever seen. 

So without further ado, let us introduce to you, The Setters of Climb Nashville's Hotter Than Chicken Comp!


Jonathan Brandt 

  • HTC Chief

  • Climb Routesetting Director 

  • USAC level 4 Routesetter 

  • Has set for 5 USAC National Championships


Brad Weaver 

  • Head Routesetter Stone Summit Climbing 

  • US Sport Climbing National Champion 2014

  • L5 Certification,

  • Has set for 11 National Events

  • Chiefed 10 USAC Championship Level Events

  • Multiple V14 ascents


Nick Foster

  • Head Routesetter Evo Rock and Fitness Louisville, Colorado 

  • USAC Level 4 Routesetter 

  • Experience setting for 2 USAC National Championships 

  • Chief Routesetter for 8 high level climbing competitions


Thomas Maxson

  • Climb Nashville Head Routesetter 

  • USAC Level 2 Routesetter 

  • Ticked Numerous v13 boulders and nabbed the FA of Hogna radiata SDS V13/5.14b

  • Snake Charmer


Marshall Henderson 

  • Routesetter at Stone Summit Climbing

  • USAC Level 3 Routesetter 

  • V11 climber

  • Ladies, he is Hawaiian 


Parker Pace

  • Has been setting at Climb Nashville for 2 years

  • 2nd Year Setting for HTC

  • Red Point V8, but currently projecting some gnarly V13's


Danny Hupp 

  • 4 Years Setting Experience

  • 3rd Year Setting for HTC

  • Has set for numerous Regional and Local USAC Competitions 

  • Proudest Climbing Moment - Don't ask him. He will talk about The Casual Route on The Diamond forever and tell you how long it took and how good he looked while doing it. 

  • Also, he plays the saxophone really well. #saxy 


Matt Steele

  • He is the new guy here at Climb Nashville  and he is ready to show you what he's got !

  • Former graffiti artist, he now tags the walls with holds rather than paint. This dude can spray. 

Member Spotlight - Scott McKinney

Alex Hall


Do you or have you ever had a Nickname?

Scooter, Scott Powers (middle name) or Scooter Da Beef… The “Da Beef” portion is an inside joke from the gym that my friends insist on calling me because of being vegan. Random and weird, but true. 

Do you have a favorite route? 

Finger Puppets at Foster Falls. It’s a 5.11a sport route featuring slab, crimps, and a roof to the anchors. It includes a feature large enough to sit on and take a rest right when you come out of the roof. It’s a nice one. 

Who are you, and why are you in Nashville?

I’m a 28 year old dude from Gainesville, Florida (Home of Tom Petty). I moved here three years ago from Asheville, NC to go back into commercial real estate. Nashville was attractive because it’s a fun progressive city with good music, awesome food, and proximity to the Southeast.


Why do you Climb or How has climbing changed your life? 

I originally began climbing to have a change of scenery and surround myself with people that we’re different from my everyday life. My job is pretty white collar and climbing gave me an outlet to unplug and just kick it. It has changed my perspective on adventure, community, and fitness.

This is the third year for HTC, how long have you been competing? 

The past two years I have just been a spectator so this will be my first year competing.  

What are you most excited for at this year's HTC Comp on August 4th? 

I am most excited about getting to participate not only as a climber, but also as a sponsor. I’ll have a tent and table set up during the block party with some fun games, food, beer and merch!

What keeps you coming back to the spice? 

The community, the climbing, and the vibes. I am really pumped for the block party portion this year though!

Are you doing any training? For the spice or for the boulders? 

I went to Alpine Fit the past two weeks and climbed a couple times… Does that count? I’ll probably hit up some buffalo beans and greens at Wild Cow this weekend too. Don’t think that’s the same spice that will be at HTC, but it’s a starting point.


What's rad about your life right now, on or off the wall?

I’ve been pretty pumped about work recently… That’s not always the case, but lately have made the decision to completely focus on the portion of my business that I’m most passionate about, Retail. I get to completely focus on advising restaurants, clothing brands, exercise concepts, developers and all other type of folks needing real estate advice who are looking to expand their business within the retail world. I love getting to have a say on how Nashville is growing. The hope is that I would get to look back in ten years and know I played a role in bringing the coolest most unique companies to Nashville that are committed to building community, creativity, and experiences.

Any shoutouts, current projects (climbing or non), or anything else you want to share with the community? 

Yes, Stocking 51 in the Nations has been one of the most exciting projects I’ve gotten to be a part of. It’s a 142,000 SF mixed use development where the newest Frothy Monkey, Southern Grist and Nicky’s is located. We’ve recently made the announcement to expand the project and add another 75,000 SF which will surround the existing old grain silos. Keeping those in place will make this project extremely unique architecturally. It’s definitely one of the coolest spots in town already and I’m looking forward to when the project is completely built by the end of 2019.