We have had the distinct honor of curating opportunities to engage in a vibrant climbing, fitness and yoga community, beginning in Nashville seventeen short years ago. Lance and I are just two normal guys who call Tennessee home; he and I stumbled upon each other way back when and found we had a shared passion for climbing. Fast forward to today, Climb remains a small, local, family owned business. We share immense gratitude for the multitude of members and guests that have carried us along the way.

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Like many, many other small businesses in America, we are making the impossible decision to temporarily close our doors through the end of March. While we strive daily to be a local place of community and a respite for those who come through our doors, we recognize that we are but a small part of a larger global community. We are standing with our fellow business people and community members in an effort to limit the greater damage that COVID-19 may have otherwise.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for community through personal transformation; we are committed to weathering this storm together as a community. We know that we can find new ways curate culture remotely, emerge stronger, and honor one of our three company values of Changing Lives by closing our doors until this pandemic has subsided and all be transformed in the process. We are grateful for the strength, tenacity and encouragement from our community and appreciate your continued support as we look to aid in the financial security of our staff.

Many have asked about staff compensation during this time. Providing for our staff is of primary concern and we are committed to supporting as many as we can, as well as we can, for as long as we can. We are very grateful for your concern for their well-being and we are exercising every resource we have to sustain them through this temporary closure.

Climb will suspend all daily operations companywide for all members, guests (Climb Nashville East + West, Climb Murfreesboro, Climb Bentonville). Due to recently updated COVID-19 restrictions, staff will not be entering the facilities like originally stated on March 23rd. We will return to begin facility improvements, deep-cleaning, route setting and administrative functions when possible as more updates come in. We will still be available by phone (615-280-8461) starting March 23rd from 10am - 4pm.

Members, you will find a direct link to membership options below.

Thank you for your patience, kindness and understanding. We will continue providing updates via email and social media as often as we are able to keep our community informed.